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Identifying  Unconstitutional Acts

House and/or Senate Joint Resolution ___.
Introduced by:  ___________________

Digest: This bill will establish and fund an investigative commission composed of randomly selected voters chosen by lottery from each of the states' congressional districts. The commission will be responsible for identifying significant Federal actions alluded to by the 30 Republican governors who alleged “Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed the people;” issues whose correction is vital to restoring the spirit and intent of the Constitution for the United States of America. The proponents of any Federal action found un constitutional and the evidence in support of the finding will be provided a Grand Jury authorized by Art. V of the Bill of Rights for consideration and possible action.


Whereas, it’s extremely clear members of the Federal government (past and present) have acted to intentionally destroy the sovereignty of the State of _______ and to subvert the Constitution of the United States by pretending to give the Presidency powers beyond those cited in Art. II of the Constitution, a fact attested to by United States Senate's Report No. 93-549, wherein we find: "This vast range of (presidential emergency) powers . . . confer enough authority to rule the country without reference to normal constitutional processes," and

 Whereas thirty Republican Governors' unanimously agreed on 11-22-94 that "Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated Rights guaranteed to the people;" and

 Whereas, there’s strong evidence suggesting these alleged actions included announcing the ratification of, and implementing, several constitutional amendments whose purposes are diametrically opposed to constitutional intent and the destruction of the liberty our founding fathers sought for Americans though the amendments were never properly ratified; and

 Whereas, a comparative analysis of the rights of Americans as theoretically secured for us by our Bill of Rights and the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution with the operation of our nation reveals serious departure from those rights and

 Whereas, the initiation and continuation of these policies, and the legislation in support of them may be the result of emergency powers legislatively awarded the presidency over the years in violation of the Constitution, the implementation of constitutional amendments that are inconsistent with the spirit and intent of our nation's founders; the enforcement of policies and laws contained in treaties that contradict our Bill of Rights and policies, procedures and laws set forth in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution for the United States of America; and

 Whereas, the general and complete disarmament program being carried out today under Public Law 87-297 will soon result in the United States being unable to defend itself should Americans decide to return their government to within the limits prescribed by our Constitution for the United States of America,

 Be it Resolved by the Senate of the State of ________, the House thereof concurring, that the Legislature of this State hereby establishes a commission to be composed of a registered voter from each congressional district in the state who will be chosen at random for the purpose of making determinations on the following:

1. Why the United States Senate, in its Report No. 93-549, said that "freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution" have been "abridged" since 1933.

2. Whether the Congress intends to repeal the Emergency Powers of the President cited in U.S. Senate Report 93-549 and all other Emergency Powers which may have been given the Presidency and which may have, or which may now be, "abridging" the Constitution for the United States of America and to reinstate the Constitution as the supreme law of the land; and if not, the action required by the states to ensure their agent takes that action promptly.

3. Whether Amendments 11 through 26 to the Constitution for the United States of America were properly ratified and whether or not these amendments contributed to advancing the citizens of this state their ability to enjoy their unalienable RIGHTS to Life, Liberty, and an opportunity to pursue Happiness; the very purpose for which the United States of America was established.

4. Whether there are any constitutional amendments that were properly ratified but subsequently removed without due process.

5. What, if any, are the major Federal actions that have "exceeded the clear bounds of Federal jurisdiction under the Constitution," who was or is responsible for passing and/or perpetuating the actions, and whether or not these actions are in violation of the laws of Title 18 of the United States Criminal Code; and

Be it further resolved that any expenses incurred by the commission in carrying out its duties, to include those expenses necessary to obtain expert testimony, shall be paid from the operating funds of the Senate and the House, to be disbursed upon direction of the Joint Committee; and 

Be it further resolved that the commission is to issue an interim report on its findings to the Legislature in not more than six months and that upon submission of its final report and completion of questioning by members of the Legislature, the commission shall be abolished.

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Walter L. Myers

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