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Suggested actions for local Take America Back (TAB) teams

A frequent question is “what can I do to help Take America Back?" Some suggestions are:

Study to understand the mission, functions and structure of the teams making up the overall TAB team, provide leadership in helping to create the various teams and assume responsibility for one of its functions.

Use the letter at to help build a local TAB team

Submit to local news outlets.

Present ‘City Resolution re Monetary Policy’ to Mayor and city council.

Invite the public to join you in watching the documentary at ""

Use the letter at to help educate and inspire veterans to join the local TAB team.

Use the letter at to hopefully inspire Pastors to honor James 4:17 by creating or helping to create a local TAB team.

Invite your State Representatives and Senator to meet with you and local officials to discuss the Resolution cited at

Obtain business cards (or computer generated cards) with your name and contact information for the site and site on it.


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