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Legal Remedies

Legal Remedies for Regaining and Retaining Liberty


Problem - "Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed the people.”


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> The problem was defined by thirty Republican governors on 11/22/94 and is amply substantiated by clear and abundant evidence. (see and


> The Constitution is a compact (contract) among states and the Federal government. Un constitutional acts by the Federal government are, in law, a substantial breach of contract.


> A “substantial breach of contract” entitles the non-breaching party to suspend its performance and seek a remedy in the form of monetary damages, reformation, specific performance, or rescission.


> A remedy of monetary damages isn’t an option as we need lawful government, not money and the Federal government has no independent means to pay damages; only with more taxes.


> Reformation or rewording of the contract isn’t an option as the breaching party (Federal government) wouldn’t agree to terms enhancing our ability to enforce specific performance and in no way should we the people agree to the Constitution being changed to reflect existing conditions.


> Specific performance could be a viable option IF a state provides access to grand juries authorized by Art. V of the Bill of Rights; thereby giving voters the ability to hold rogue Federal officials accountable for breaching the contract. 


> Rescission is cancellation of a contract with the contracting parties returning to their pre-contract status. i.e., states can secede and return to being “free and independent” as the Declaration of Independence declared they “are, and of right out to be.”


Discussion - Though specific performance is the preferred remedy, rescission of the contract by states seceding should not be overlooked. To the contrary, it appears prudent states make preparations to secede as a last resort should an effort to obtain specific performance fail.




 > States pass bills similar to those at and in order to formally identify significant “Federal actions” exceeding Federal jurisdiction, those responsible for the action and its perpetuation, and to provide we the people and our states the ability to assure specific performance by holding Federal officials guilty of un constitutional actions accountable under the law.


> States prepare to secede as a last resort in order to regain and retain their citizens rights to life, liberty and an opportunity to pursue happiness.


> Americans use the communications system on the web site to create the team described at to realize unity on meaningful actions.

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