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The CNC has been blessed with several prominent affiliates who serve as members of teams dedicated to Taking America Back (TAB) and on Objective Pursuit Teams (OPTs).

The CNC's plan describing how it suggests concerned Americans can best return government to within the limits prescribed by the Constitution is the subject of Section 2 of the book To Tame a TyrantA summary of the plan is at

Prayerfully, the plan will result in individuals and organizations sharing a goal of restoring lawful government to unite - not in body - but in spirit and action on the issues and objectives lying on the goal's critical path and to coordinate their efforts in pursuit of those objectives via Political Action Coordinating Conferences (PACCs - see and the common communications network located at

Evan Mecham  Evan Mecham Governor (ret) Mecham (deceased) was CNC's Chairman. He was a former P-51 fighter pilot, Prisoner of War, State Senator, governor of Arizona and successful business man.
Don Rogers  Don Rogers State Senator (ret) Rogers (R-CA) was a Marine. Don spent 18 years in the California legislature. His record of staunch support for the Constitution earned him the respect of many Americans.
J.J. Boesel  J. J. Boesel Judge (ret) Boesel retired from the U. S. Army as a Colonel, was a member of the 4th Infantry Division that landed on Normandy's Utah Beach on D-Day, and taught Law at Capitol University Law School in Columbus, Ohio.
  Jim Thomas Mr. Thomas  is a retired government executive and the current Publisher of Media Bypass Magazine.
  Dr. Greg Dixon Dr. Dixon is the Senior Pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple and Chairman of the American Coalition of Unregistered Churches.
  Walter L. Myers Mr. Myers is the CNC's  Executive Director, a farmer, rancher, businessman, and author of the book To Tame a Tyrant. He is a Navy veteran, served as Chief of the Plans and Programs Division of the General Staff, U. S. Air Force Military Training Center, Lackland AFB Texas, and as Division Chief in a Project Managers Office at the U. S. Army's Materiel Command's Headquarters.

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