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Objective Pursuit Teams


It is only through "team work" that Americans can Take America Back Freedom Call 33106 attendees agreed there's an immediate need for the following Objective Pursuit Teams. Those responsible for each objective are to identify and solicit the support of other people holding expertise related to the objective. Coordination between the teams will be through PACCs. 

Education - objectives: educate as many of the world’s people as possible (especially Americans) on how the world is being controlled by a financial/industrial cartel bent on establishing a New World Order, of the need to Take America Back, of the ongoing effort to do so, and on how they can help.

Partisan Political Action - objectives: gain control of the major political parties via the precinct committee person positions; provide America’s voters AN alternative to the major political parties; determine and make known to the voters of their district the qualifications of candidates for political office; elect a constitutionally committed President. 

Clergy - objectives: educate America’s clergy on the ungodly nature of our problem; determine the individuals willing to help solve the problem by informing their congregations of it and supporting the plan to do so; inform everyone with a need to know of the OPTs findings. 

Law enforcement - objectives: assure every law enforcement person possible (military and civilian) is aware of our problem; identify those willing to help solve it; inform people in their geographical area of the findings. 

Veteran activation/coordination - objectives: educate veterans on the need to honor their oath; inspire them to act; coordinate the efforts of friendly veterans; identify uncooperative veteran organizations and inform all veterans of them. 

Legal initiatives - objectives: identify, develop, and pursue legal actions needed in support of our goal in cooperation with the OPT advisory board and NLT, assure jury members fully understand their rights. 

Legislative initiatives - objectives: identify legislative actions needed in support of our goal; determine if any such action is now being pursued; prepare legislation for those needs not being addressed; coordinate efforts in support of the legislation with and through the NIT; identify at least one legislator in each state willing to honor their oath of office and to support our effort. 

National Economic Recovery Program - objectives: develop a program for returning America to a monetary, fiscal, and social policy meeting the intent of the Constitution. Key elements of this program must include providing a monetary policy meeting the spirit of the Constitution, the elimination of major portions of our existing un payable public and private debt resulting from current unconstitutional monetary policy and a restructuring of the remainder, a redistribution of the wealth now concentrated in the hands of a very small percentage of the population due to current monetary and fiscal policies back to the wealth's producers, an overhaul of our tax laws, the reinstatement of America's sovereignty and the American System of Economic Independence, and a plan that will lead to America's energy independence.

Constitutional considerations - objectives: prevent formal termination of our Constitution; identify major "Federal actions" alluded to by the Republican governors on 11-22-94 and which are in violation of the Constitution when interpreted in light of the spirit and intent of our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and our Constitution’s Preamble; review the Constitution to identify revisions needed to assure it can be complied with in today’s realities and to insure the document is self policing. 

Finance - objectives: locate funds to implement the plan; authorize their use in cooperation with the NLT.

Organizational development - objectives: develop the concepts and organizational structures through which to build the "army" needed to Take America Back and help to put faces in spaces. A communications system designed to aid in developing the TAB team by providing for intra county and state communications among people desiring to help create it is available on the web site and can be accessed through the "register" link below.


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