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WHY PACCs? No individual or organization can unilaterally win our cultural war of LIBERTY v SLAVERY. Many have tried with little or no success. Yet, their combined influence would create an undeniable political force if it were harnessed and periodically focused on the few actions that can produce meaningful change. A PACC is an excellent vehicle for identifying individuals and/or organizations motivated by results.

WHAT IS A PACC? A PACC is a moderated forum designed to efficiently provide for an exchange of information to facilitate identifying common concerns, those sharing them, and to provide a mechanism for unity of action among willing participants. They are based on three caveats.
Caveat #1. every participating individual and organization must be able to make their special concerns known to all participants in order to identify others who share an interest in it.
Caveat #2. every participant must retain their freedom to unilaterally pursue their special concerns while jointly pursuing those of common interest with others.
Caveat #3. it must be clear that participation in a "PACC" doesn't imply endorsement of others concerns, objectives, strategies or tactics; only the sharing of a common goal and a willingness to coordinate with others on actions thought to be mutually beneficial.

REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATION The PACC concept requires that participants:
1. agree to disagree agreeably and with facts, not opinions;
2. present each of their concerns via a one page Executive Summary;
3. make a decision regarding each concern presented at the PACC;
4. participate on Objective Pursuit Teams
(OPTs) to plan and manage actions on objectives of mutual concern.

PACCs ARE NOT - An umbrella organization, an uncontrolled open mike, a place for anyone in general disagreement with the Republican governors pledge "to restore to the states and people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution," or a hierarchically structured meeting. (i.e., there is no dominant participant; only a moderator)

THE WHO of PACCs - All PACC participants must be supportive of the Republican Governors pledge previously cited and willing to meet the previously stated requirements for participation. Beyond that, local participation is open to everyone. County level TAB teams consist of individuals representing local teams dedicated to Taking America Back (TAB). State level participation is limited to a representative of each county TAB team and of statewide organizations.

THE HOW of PACCs - Every PACC should have a moderator chosen by the participants or appointed by the PACC sponsor. Typical agenda for a PACC is: select a moderator, opening ceremony (an invocation and Pledge of Allegiance are musts if PACC is sponsored by CNC affiliates), administrative remarks, OPT reports (old business), presentation of new concerns, Q & A session, role call for each introduced concern (fill in matrix), OPT formation for new issues, OPT workshops, closing comments of each participant (normal limit-3 minutes though each can yield time to another), convocation, adjourn.

PACC PRODUCTS - A PACC will produce three primary products:
1. A matrix showing all introduced concerns, the participants sharing each of the concerns and the objective related thereto.
2. Unity of action via Objective Pursuit Teams made up of individuals and/or organizations sharing any given concern and having a willingness to work with others in acting on it.
3. A knowledge of which invitees are sincere in wanting to support the governors pledge; thereby providing a firm foundation for discerning those worthy of support verse those motivated for the wrong reasons.

Three important PACC byproducts are getting to know who is who and worthy of trust and support, being blessed with an opportunity to fellowship with others of like mind, and just knowing you arenít alone in your fight for freedom.


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