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Every journey begins with the first step and though millions of words have been written about America's "problem;" too few are devoted to a solution. I suggest our "path" to freedom begins here.

Step 1 is to accept we have a problem - too many people have overlooked the importance of James 4:17 and failed to do what's right. This is especially true of elected officials and those in law enforcement; both military and civilian.

Thirty governors described a result of this problem as being: "Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed to the people. The government of ‘limited, delegated powers’ envisioned by the framers has become a government of virtually unlimited power."

Perhaps a more descriptive result of our problem is that: the united States of America have been deliberately, systematically, pervasively, and unconstitutionally mismanaged on behalf of the world's financial/industrial cartel through Federal action exceeding its lawful authority; that this action destroyed key biblical principles secured for us by the Constitution; and that the destruction of these principles amounts to national sin and has brought America under judgment.

Step 2 of the solution is individual repentance. Every American should acknowledge and truly regret her or his sins, earnestly seek deliverance, discard the strange Gods we have adopted within our culture, and make a firm commitment to honor and serve the living God by helping to Take America Back to its lawfully constituted form of government and traditional values.

Step 3 is to acknowledge these important facts:

a. A problem can't be solved by only addressing its symptoms or while operating in a defensive mode doing damage control.

b. It's unrealistic to expect those in government to solve our problem as they created it! Still, having us plead with government officials to correct it is the advice of most organizations.

c. For years, many organizations have tried to unilaterally solve our problem. Such an approach hasn’t worked because it can’t work. At best, their efforts have only slowed the progress of those seeking to build a New World Order on the ashes of our Constitution.

d. To correctly assess the motives of individuals and organizations we must judge them by their walk, not their talk. Those refusing to help develop a plan and/or to work with others to implement it are a part of the problem; not the solution.

e. The institutional breakdown of government has prohibited - and will continue to prohibit - meaningful change regardless of the political party in power without replacing the sinners and hypocrites within them.

f. The solution to our problem rests in the creation of an undeniable political force or Take America Back (TAB) team having the ability to reclaim control of government.

g. The needed TAB team can be created if "we the concerned" work through a common plan and are tied together through a system that will allow us to locate and communicate with other registrants in our County and State. Such a system is available at

Step 4 is to exercise discernment and responsible action. We must assure every individual and organization relying on our support is a part of the solution to our problem or stop supporting them.

Step 5 requires adopting a concept providing unity of action and a communications system to provide it on issues of mutual concern without diluting anyone’s ability to pursue their special interests. It’s essential we acknowledge and comply with Mr. Medori Severi’s advice saying: "until we abandon our manifold private agendas and unite, we will merely be hapless observers standing at the bottom of a dark, deep pit, wistfully hoping to save the world, but really doing little more than breaking the fall of compatriots who are pushed in on top of us. Only by uniting in a common effort devoid of subjective paradigms will we be able to mold the human spirit upon which we may ascend to freedom...."

It's only through the preparation, widespread adoption, and implementation of a plan that the needed corrective action can most effectively, efficiently, and perhaps only be realized. The plan must hold the moral high ground, recognize a problem can't be solved by addressing just its symptoms or by only engaging in damage control, recognize the need for offensive action, and be revised as innovative ideas arise and our political environment changes.

Step 6 is for all concerned to diligently practice Gillaume Pitt's advice saying: "every meeting, every conference, and every conversation is a failure that does not produce an army. The first requisite of an army is to subscribe to service....," We have no time to waste and should capitalize on every opportunity to build the "army" (TAB team) that's essential to Taking America Back.

Step 7 requires recognizing everyone is either a part of the problem or the solution in the ongoing war whose outcome will be the liberty in which Christ told us to stand fast (Gal 5:1) or slavery; that by inference a plan demands action which only comes through individual effort; that it's past time for each of us to choose this day whom we will serve (Josh 24:15), and that anyone unwilling to cooperate and coordinate with others in the effort to solve our problem are asleep or motivated by fear, their ego, money or a false God.

Step 8 is to make a commitment. To be an effective part of the solution, people seriously wanting to help return government to within the limits prescribed by the Constitution need access to a comprehensive plan, to be "networked" with one another through an organizational structure and communications system that will economically provide them with timely and pertinent information needed to help implement it, and to be a member of the Take America Back team (TAB team).


The challenge facing those who are serious, patriotic and concerned Americans is enormous! But if we will cooperate, recognize the need to communicate with one another and to coordinate our efforts, retain the Constitution as our beacon and insure we make effective use of the soap box, mail box, and the grand jury, petit jury and ballot boxes, it can be met. Time is of the essence. We must quickly act in a positive and meaningful way. We must move from defense to offense. This will require a universally accepted detailed action plan.

The only known plan designed to meet the need is contained in the book To Tame a Tyrant written by Walter Myers in the mid 1990’s. Because some of the information (though not the plan) such as phone numbers, addresses, and TAB team members are no longer valid due to deaths, failing health, and changes in location, the price of the book has been reduced to $10.00 for a single copy and three copies for $25.00 (you will want one for your pastor and a friend) including shipping and handling. For copies, send a check or money order to Book, 2000 E Ramar, #509, Bullhead City, AZ 86442.

At this moment in time, the most important actions one can take in addition to helping people understand the need for action are:

* Register with in order to locate and communicate with others in your county and state in order to help create the team needed to Take America Back.

* create a local TAB team of 15 to 25 members, (see, engage the team in pursuit of the mission and functions ascribed to local TAB teams, and be patient pending creation of enough such teams to justify the formation of a National team to orchestrate the implementation of the comprehensive plan through which we can TAB.

* forward this information to every concerned and patriotic American you know with a prayer that they too will acknowledge the need to create a local team dedicated to Taking America Back.

* Assure the leadership of every organization you help support is aware of our "problem," that you expect them to help implement the plan to TAB, and STOP supporting those who won't!

If we are victorious in meeting the challenge of TAB, the local TAB teams will be the victors. The creation of such teams is up to each and every one of us through individual initiative and action. Nothing could be more important to our posterity and the entire world's population for it is only our Constitution and collective action that stands between world-wide liberty and the totalitarian state.

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Walter L. Myers

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