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Daily, more and more Americans are rapidly awakening to the NEW WORLD ORDER characterized by humanism and socialism. America's transformation from a Republic into a socialist democracy is the work of the devil personified; the result of counter revolutionaries within our Federal government who our State's Republican governors allege are responsible for "Federal action" that has "exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed to the people." 

CNC suggests that everyone wanting to help the governors realize their pledge "to return to the States and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution" should quickly organize themselves, not in body, but in spirit and meaningful offensive action having the potential to make this pledge a reality. 

CNC further suggests that concerned people form a nationwide team composed of thousands of  local teams committed to doing whatever it takes to Take America Back.  Of the elements in the Constitutionists' Networking Center proposed and comprehensive plan designed to help satisfy the governors pledge, none are more important than the local TAB teams. In addition to initiating community building activities such as block cleanups, sponsoring youth group activities, "kitchen table" discussions, etc., their functions should include: 

1. Sponsoring Political Action Coordinating Conferences  - PACC's are needed to provide TAB team members and the general public an opportunity to voice their concerns and to offer suggestions for action. 

2. Education of the general public - many strategies exist wherein TAB teams can help inform the public on important political issues. Each team needs a "toastmaster" to make presentations to other organized groups and on talk shows, a librarian to keep track of team educational materials, and an events/program coordinator. 

3. Candidate Selection and Support - America's counter revolution is rooted in one of two facts. Those responsible either didn't know what they were doing or they knowingly violated their oath of office. The why isn't as important as knowing that in the future, honest and informed representatives will be elected. Therefore, each TAB team needs some members designated as candidate selection and support specialists responsible for a variety of activities dedicated to the election of Constitutionists'. 

4. Communications - Each TAB team will need a Director of Communications responsible for the receipt and timely dissemination of information both internally to the team and to external media outlets. 

5. Liaison - responsible for being an interface between the TAB team and its elected officials. 

6. Community Watchdog - responsible for overseeing the acts of local governing bodies and for helping to alert the general public of actions deemed appropriate by the TAB team. 

7. Objective Pursuit Teams - responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of local plans directed at specific objectives and for helping implement plans developed at the county, State and national level.

The importance the CNC attaches to TAB teams cannot be over emphasized! Our strong belief in them being the key to Taking America Back has lead us to take the position that unless and until it's clear that enough of them will be forthcoming to make a difference, this effort will be the CNC's #1 priority.  We therefore suggest the most important action any concerned American can take is to register with in order to locate others in your area willing to help organize and/or join such a team. Ideally, a TAB team will have 20 +/- 5  dedicated and active members willing to, and capable of, fulfilling the teams functions.


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