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"No wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, Walter Myers courageously, succinctly and accurately describes America's birth as a Christian nation, the major Federal actions responsible for its transformation into a nation-state of the New World Order characterized by humanism, socialism and economic bondage--and provides a comprehensive and carefully reasoned plan for rebuilding our constitutional republic."  - Col (ret) Jim Ammerman, Director, Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches  

"This book was well researched. Mr. Myers did his homework." - Byron Dale, Chairman, Coalition to Reform Money  

"Finally, a logical, clear plan to restore the constitutional republic's dream. Every American must read this book." - Don Rogers, former California State Senator  

"To Tame a Tyrant should be the text for a mandatory high-school course." - Ron Stuart, The Scottish Sage  

"Herein objectivity and honesty are transformed into harsh realities; truths we must know for '... the truth shall make you free' (John 8:32)." - Glenda K. Owens  

To Tame a Tyrant:  

  • provides the reader a short course on the political history of the United States 
  • describes the authors perception of  the most important  "Federal actions" alluded to by the governors, 
  • contains the only known comprehensive plan designed to promote unity of effort on the few actions through which Constitutionists' can reclaim control of government and yet retain their freedom to pursue their special interests.


Tired of Big Brother in your life ..
The above highly acclaimed book will explain its cause and how you can become part of the cure! 

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