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There is an urgent and dire need to Take America Back to its lawfully constituted foundation and traditional values. Anyone doubting this need should study Call To Action, and the information at The Truth about 9-11, The Honest Viewpoint of Federal Corruption, Money Talk$ and other web sites exposing the ungodly and unconstitutional acts of government.

Those intent upon Taking America Back have but six boxes to do so; the soapbox, mailbox, grand jury box, petit (trial) jury box, ballot box and the bullet box. The bullet box will be of no value unless and until those in our military and civilian law enforcement agencies are convinced we have a problem and of the need for them to honor their oath "to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domesticÖ.so help me God."

Should our law enforcement personnel decide to honor their oath and the sacrifices of the women and men who fought and died to establish and preserve liberty, our problem would soon be solved. A coup would ensue, the media would be made available to truthfully tell Americaís voters how those holding positions of public trust have replaced their lawfully constituted form of government with Fascism, new elections would be held to replace the criminals, and the process of restoring lawfully constituted government would begin.

But here in the real world in which a majority of our law enforcement people, our County Attorneys, and those who serve on our juries lack knowledge and/or integrity, we must rely on the remaining five boxes. We must find a way to successfully use the soapbox and mailbox to inform people of the need to use the jury boxes and ballot box to reclaim control of our governing institutions. Unfortunately, even if every American knew of the need and wanted to use these boxes, they too will be of no value without first assuring the integrity of the ballot box. Why? Because of the nearly universal use of computerized voting.

An affiliate of the original CNC was Jim Collier. He and his brother Ken wrote: "VOTESCAM: THE STEALING OF AMERICA" wherein they proved we cannot afford to permit computerized vote counting. It is subject to abuse; fraud if you will. Sadly, Jim lost his battle with cancer. But thanks to Jim Condit and others, Mr. Collierís work goes on through an organization called "Citizens for a Fair Vote Count." It offers an excellent program which must be implemented in order to Take America Back. So it isnít a question of whether to pursue such a program; itís only a question of will it be by cooperating and coordinating with Mr. Condit and his program or by implementing a similar one.

Having no desire nor intent of duplicating any worthwhile ongoing program, the CNC adopted the "Citizens for a Fair Vote Count." program. As county level teams dedicated to Taking America Back (TAB) are formed, each of them are encouraged to hold a membership in "Citizens for a Fair Vote Count." with one person assigned the responsibility for assuring the program is implemented in their county. Details of the program can be found at The Vote Fraud and the Network America websites

Additionally, the CNC has prepared a legislative bill that needs to be introduced in, and passed by, every state legislature. A copy of the bill can be found at . Getting it or a similar bill introduced in the state legislature is a responsibility of the state level TAB team.

The importance of the grand jury and petit (trial) jury boxes justifies a separate discussion on their use. It will be found at Jury Boxes


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